Friday, August 1, 2014

VIDEO: Disney's 1966 Innovation District

Walt Disney was a big fan of Ebenezer Howard who was the planner of the Garden City concept in the UK around 1902. (delightful 7-minute primer on Eb on Youtube). 

Disney and Eb understood they were designing for a social goal, meaning the physical layout was merely the "means to an end" and the end was a better CULTURE.

Here is a video of Disney explaining his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and why he thought a living platform for innovation was vital to finding solutions for problems. 

Advance to Minute 9 to hear about EPCOT's original design. This was released two months before Walt died and the EPCOT concept proved too ambitious to execute without the original champion. Instead, EPCOT became an interactive display of cultures and technology. 

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