Friday, August 1, 2014

VIDEO: Disney's 1966 Innovation District

Walt Disney was a big fan of Ebenezer Howard who was the planner of the Garden City concept in the UK around 1902. (delightful 7-minute primer on Eb on Youtube). 

Disney and Eb understood they were designing for a social goal, meaning the physical layout was merely the "means to an end" and the end was a better CULTURE.

Here is a video of Disney explaining his Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow and why he thought a living platform for innovation was vital to finding solutions for problems. 

Advance to Minute 9 to hear about EPCOT's original design. This was released two months before Walt died and EPCOT was downgraded into a continuous World's Fair exhibition.

Maybe recognizing good design is fatal? That's why we see so little of it.

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