Sunday, August 17, 2014

MASSACHUSETTS, Boston (the BIG one)

Housing is Hot in Seaport, so they say. March 2018

FAQ about Boston's innovation district. 

Bad urban design always gets good press. Nov 17, 2014.

Oct 2014 Mayor assembles Neighborhood Innovation District committee for the purpose of expanding innovation districts through out the city. 

Nov 2015: Another neighborhood outside of Seaport is experimenting with the concept of innovation districts. 

A STRATEGY articulated in bullets on one page. (thank you)

District Hall
"CiC" (Cambridge Innovation Center) in Kendall Square and
expanding to Seaport next. They politely point out they hosts more start-ups than anywhere on the planet. Over 1,500 companies have gotten their start here. Their secret? maybe it is because they serve 21,000 cups of coffee per month? 

 Or maybe it is Thursday night beer night at the Venture Cafe?  

The Boston District Hall is a gorgeous 12,000 square foot CIVIC space worthy of looking at HERE. To understand better, watch how the manager Nicole Fichera explain how District Hall works on the ground.

Babson College, known for an outstanding entrepreneurship program (the best some say) is leasing space in Boston's Innovation District. 

For the wonks of the world who read dissertations and thesis papers, please search out John Taylor's 2014 masters thesis at Tufts University. His efforts make quite a contribution to understanding the various neighborhoods of Boston.

"Boston Main Streets 2.0: Spreading Boston's Innovation Economy from the Innovation District to the Neighborhoods"


Map of Kendall Square network from Boston Globe.

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