Thursday, August 14, 2014

PENNSYLVANIA, West Philadelphia (University City)

Take a 12-minute urban tour on youtube and hear the stories of the people who make University City rock.

What happens when smart people are brought together in a cool place? (this is easy) INNOVATION!
It is described as a "community of thinkers."

No secrets here. Dozens of reports and publications are available from University City for free to those who want to understand how this ticks.

And a five-minute Youtube Video: businesses who are innovating in University City. You'll love the acoustical guitar tracks behind the interviews. Who doesn't love a company called THE DIRT FACTORY for urban composting?

Live/Work/Learn/Share community?? Drexel has ideas for an "innovation neighborhood" in the Innovation District.

Just need the facts? Depend on an article from Urban Land Institute for a recap. For people who appreciate a 20-minute description of public realm, enjoy THE PORCH.
Cesar Pelli and Bower Lewis Thrower Architects designed the Cira Center building in the University City district of Philadelphia.

Sometimes is it good to see the people behind the innovation district talk. Read and watch Christopher Wink's reporting.

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