Saturday, August 16, 2014


"Asheville, North Carolina, is poised to designate three innovation districts of its own in the downtown area -- River Arts, South Slope, Charlotte Street -- with the goals of increasing the City's tax base while bringing quality-of-life improvements to residents." - Michael Thelen

Mayor's statement in local newspaper Oct 2, 2014 HERE.

The city of Asheville has a one page status report which says this:
"In June 2013, Asheville City Council developed an economic and community development strategy that would allow for significant infrastructure improvements in the city. Three areas have been identified that could benefit from this strategy by providing support for redevelopment opportunities; South Slope in the Central Business District, the River Arts District and the Charlotte Street Corridor. In order to make sure those opportunities are realized, the City would like to invest in urban area revitalization projects, street and sidewalk improvements, drainage projects, and off-street parking facilities within this boundary. Establishing municipal service districts for these three areas will allow the City to utilize Special Obligation Bonds to fund improvements. The collateral for this type of bond comes from revenue or taxes that are not levied by the City, such as sales taxes."

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