Monday, August 11, 2014

TEXAS, Austin

Update: August 2015. Download this very impressive report on how Austin is building collaborative capacity. 129 pages, 247 references. It sets the bar for how this is done. 

March 2015 South by Southwest conversation on their emerging innovation zone/district plan.

Austin's city government has grabbed the bull by the horns. Of course. They are asking the big questions in their PDF you can download:
• How do you support and catalyze
•Is it organic? Can it be done by design?
• Can we create and sustain a culture for
• What do we hope to gain from an Innovation
• What is success? How do we know if we’ve
achieved it?

At the official launch in the Fall of 2013, there was a brilliant SLIDE SHOW that would get anyone up to speed on innovation districts. The academic geeks should pay special  attention to slide 28 that lists the top 7 innovation sites along with the innovation strength index value on the far right side column. To watch a narrated slideshow about Boston's innovation district CLICK HERE and advance to minute 22.

Local business man Jude Galligan maintains a BLOG that captures the excitement of what an innovation district means even to an already too cool place like Austin. 

September 2014 article discusses the two big challenges for Austin: housing and transportation. 

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