Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SOUTH DAKOTA, Souix Falls (emerging)

Perkins+Will working on an emerging plan.

From an article in Nature:
"University of South Dakota
is tying in with government and local business development leaders on a research park—in this case, 80 acres of mostly alfalfa farmland scheduled for development over the next 20 years, located just outside Sioux Falls. That's about 50 miles from USD's campus, but adjacent to the already present University Center, which offers programs from six South Dakota universities, and next to the USD Graduate Education and Applied Research (GEAR) Center, the home to the school's biomedical engineering program. The land was, in essence, donated: the South Dakota Board of Regents is leasing the land for $1 annually for 99 years, and the state of South Dakota has approved $500,000 to help fund the first phase of development. The end result—the University of South Dakota Research Park—is intended to be a techy mix of South Dakota academic research, private industry, residential space and pedestrian and bike greenways. There's also meant to be an incubation program for startup companies." 

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