Saturday, August 30, 2014

Innovation Campus List

A MAJOR article about "innovation campus" examples in the New York Times, August 2016

Corporations often create a corporate innovation campus for their own product development. 
These are usually not affiliated with a university, but do contribute to economic development.
Example: Ford in the Corktown District of Detroit:  

LA (a campus, but not a higher ed campus)

UC-Davis creates AGGIE SQUARE


COLORADO (CU's Anschutz Medical Campus )
blurring the line between innovation district and innovation campus

KANSAS (Wichita State University)

A building, but not a "campus" at the Missouri Innovation Campus

Montana State University - Bozeman, MT


ACADEMIC ARTICLES on Innovation Campus concept

A central question within planning theory is how changes between the relations of ‘grand institutions’ such as state, market and education influence the formation of objects ‘on the ground’. Drawing upon Foucault’s work, this article contributes to the understanding of these relations and argues that Foucault’s work provides a powerful set of tools to understand the formation of subjects and objects in spatial planning. It presents the case of the ‘innovation campus’ in the Netherlands, a model which originated from the ‘university campus’. Through an analysis of multiple campus-building ‘events’, the innovation campus appears as a model to entice and shape a new object: the entrepreneurial researcher.

The corporation on campus: Balancing responsibility and innovation

A classic from the former President of Harvard University, Dr. Derek Bok, written in 1982.

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