Tuesday, August 12, 2014


The master plan was approved in 2010. Even good ideas aren't born walking and talking, they have to grow and attract advocates and participants.

Innovation Districts are magnets for companies to relocate and grow their businesses. READ about Blue Acorn is moving into the Charleston Innovation District.

Ironically Andrade Economics who published an article debunking innovation districts is located in Charleston.

Yet the University of South Carolina web page reflections a healthy collaboration through their Office of Economic Engagement. This started in 2008 when the board of directors pledged to transform university land on Assembly Street into an "innovation district" called Innovista that will develop four strengths: biomedicine, nanotechnology, environmental science and alternative fuels

January 2014 progress is reported. Their facebook page is "USC Innovista" 

It has been said if you want things to stay the same, you have to be willing to change. Innovista is an example of that courage to change stance that allows them to evolve and yet remain relevant. Great article here Sept 2014.  

View the Charleston Digital Corridor HERE.

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