Friday, August 1, 2014

OPINIONS on Innovation Districts

The Innovation Myth says artists and inventors need solitude to thrive rather than continuous interruptions. Hmmmmm

The Harvard Gazette thinks innovations districts are more hypothesis than a guaranteed panacea.

A long rant from John Summers is both brilliant and bitter. It is good to be uncomfortable sometimes. Put the Kool-aid down and slog through his piece HERE.

A 45-minute RADIO SHOW on Innovation Districts. 

A "boondoggle" says Jim Russell of Pacific Standard. 

We need 45 hubs says the Wall Street Journal! 

For universities the Chronicle of Higher Ed says it is all about (urban) location, location, location.

Spring 2013 Harvard Graduate School of Designed hosted a panel of experts on Innovation Districts. Although the FAD OR FUTURE video is over two hours, if you weren't there in person it is a good investment of time.
  • Tim Rowe, founder, Cambridge Innovation Center
  • David Dixon, principal, Goody Clancy
  • Guillaume Pasquier, deputy director, Paris Saclay
  • Gavin Kleespies, executive director, Cambridge Historical Society
  • Marc Draisen, executive director, Metropolitan Area Planning Council 

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