Monday, August 4, 2014

FREE BOOK: University U 2.0: Reinventing University Roles in the Knowledge Economy

FREE BOOK of case studies of 12 innovative universities. 

On the right: notice how the list changes from 2002 to 2014. Innovative universities come on the scene (not by accident), others maintain and six lost their edge.

From Innovation U 2.0 website they say:
We are pleased to provide you with this complimentary electronic copy of Innovation U 2.0 Reinventing University Roles in a Knowledge Economy. Louis G. Tornatzky and Elaine C. Rideout were the primary authors, joined by several chapter contributors and project enablers, including Scott Doron of the NC Office of Science and Technology and Denis Gray, Distinguished Graduate Professor at NC State.

The book is about how technological innovation, entrepreneurship and business partnerships happen in a carefully selected case sample of twelve major US universities. The role of organizational leadership and culture is a prominent theme as well. Cases include: Arizona State, BYU, Cal Tech, Carnegie Mellon, Clemson, Georgia Tech, MIT, NC State, Purdue, Stanford, University of Florida, and Utah.

The book is 258 pages, and the cases include dozens of examples of best practices, policies and programs that are related to technological innovation, industry and community engagement, and the commercialization of inventions.

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