Saturday, August 2, 2014

FOSTERING: What are the environments that foster Innovation?

If you have never seen the RSA cartoon animated talks then you are in for a real treat! Animating a talk with cartooning and mindmapping makes both sides of your brain light up. Watch Steve Johnson's "where good ideas from from" 4-minute video. Steve says "chance favors the connected mind" which absolutely supports the concept of idea collisions of an innovation district. 

If you like that flavor, then you will love Johnson's TED TALK just under 20 minutes. Coffee replaced daily alcohol consumption in the coffee house during the age of enlightenment. But the architecture of space created collaboration.

Snippets from this talk:
1) An idea is a network. 
2) Great ideas are often the result of "The Slow Hunch."
3) You may carry half an idea in your head that doesn't become a whole (and useful) idea until you meet someone else with the missing puzzle piece. 

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